Conference in Berlin: ‚Nature‘ in the MENA region

In January 2018 the Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin, is organizing the conference Appropriations, Representations, Productions: Engagements with ‚Nature‘ in the MENA region from the 19th century till today.

In the MENA region, human engagements with and appropriations of ‘nature’ date back millennia. More recently, fundamental socio-environmental transformations under the auspices of capitalism and increasing economic entanglements since the 19th century, and successive waves of neoliberal reform since the 1980s have  profoundly restructured rural and urban environments in the region […]. But research on environmental transformations and their repercussions in the MENA is still scarce compared to other regions of the Global South. Although the ways in which social and economic activity, new technologies and forms of commodification are changing human relations to ‘nature’ have lately received considerable scholarly attention […], general discussions on the conceptualisation of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ only rarely give due attention to the MENA; a region which, as it is sometimes considered deeply ‘cultural’, could challenge notions of ‘pristine nature’“.

Read the full Call for Paper. Interested visitors are invited to join.

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